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Electrical Heritage Society of BC (EHSBC)

In early 1998, a group of interested citizens, headed by Nes Romaniuk of Elworthy Electrical Services and Peter Bemister of Bemister Electric, gathered to discuss the feasibility of establishing a museum for the electrical contracting industry. Over the years, many industry members had collected electrical memorabilia and large number of artifacts had been stored at Elworthy Electrical Services.

A founding committee was formed to establish terms of reference with the aim of preserving the electrical heritage of the province. A name was chosen and a Constitution and Bylaws were drafted. Under the sponsorship of the Electrical Contractors Association of BC, an application was made to register with the provincial government under the Societies Act, and in January 1999 the Electrical Heritage Society of British Columbia was officially born.

In Search of the Past

We collect historical, British Columbian electrical memorabilia. An interesting array of electrical memorabilia has been collected thus far, but it is believed that there are many more items out there. If you own or are aware of any electrical items that have an apparent age of twenty-five years or older, the Electrical Heritage Society would like to know about them and will assist in their collection, cleaning and preservation. With your help, it is hoped that eventually the collection will encompass the earliest and rarest electrical artifacts in the Province.

Keeping Track

The Society works hard to document the background of each item in its collection. When, where, how, and by whom each artifact was used is vital in establishing its historical value.


Home office of the EHSBC is the ECABC. Many of the artifacts collected so far by the Society are stored at Elworthy Electrical Services. A permanent display of some of the items in the collection is located in the School of Electrical and Electronic Technology at BCIT.

Why You Are Important

You are important in two ways:

  1. By helping us locate electrical artifacts with BC roots.
  2. Through your financial support.  Your financial support helps preserve BC's electrical heritage.

The Society has established a range of sponsorships and membership fees.

  • Pioneer - $10 per year (retired member of the electrical industry)
  • Individual - $20 per year
  • Corporate Sponsorship:
    • Bronze - $250 per year
    • Silver - $500 per year
    • Gold - $750 per year

Corporate sponsors are duly honored with a plaque and written recognition at exhibits established by the Society.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated

Download EHS Application Brochure

More Information

Please contact the ECABC Office.

Contact Information

Electrical Heritage Society of BC
201-3989 Henning Drive
Burnaby, BC, V5C 6N5

Phone: (604) 294-4123
Fax: (604) 294-4120


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